Henry N Portner – The Law Professional who really cares for his clients

Henry N Portner, one of the most noteworthy Consumer Attorneys of America, holds an extended experience of serving in his field. In 25 years of long career, he served in the law field, especially as a real estate lawyer. He enjoys popularity no less than any celebrity in America. The recent rumor about Henry N Portner misconduct has already gained a lot of media attention and became a high point of discussion among the masses. This incident did put a mark of disgrace on his clean image, which he created after many years of services. However, even such rumors fail to stop Henry N Portner in flourishing ahead in his career.

Educational Background and Work Practices

After pursuing Master’s in Taxation from Temple University, Pennsylvania, he worked as a General Counsellor for more than 35 years. Since 1991, Henry N Portner USPTO has been serving as the lawyer in Florida based new firm. The talented, industrious Henry N Portner ethics has been a source of inspiration to many young law professionals who are keen to become successful. He also earned a massive respect from the folks with his social services. He is a source of inspiration for budding lawyers. Earlier, he worked in partnership with the law firm Equine Legal Resources.

Rave reviews from clients

Henry N Portner holds adept expertise in dealing with issues related to real estate, Bankruptcy, copyright, insurance policy, stocks, etc. Due to his firm arguments and in-depth understanding of the matter, he is capable of turning any issue in his favor.  As far as Henry N Portner reprimand is concerned, it is nothing but a small misunderstanding or an act of defaming his reputation.

To sum up, Henry N Portner has been and will always remain the most trustworthy name in the law practitioners. Apart from the fake rumors of Henry N Portner reprimand, his social and professional conduct certainly remained unobjectionable.




Henry N. Portner, reprimand: the reality revealed and clients reassured!

When Henry N. Portner, reprimand news surfaced, people were shocked that how can such an ethical and efficient person can be rebuked and framed for wrong doings. But slowly, they realised the shallowness of the entire story and stood beside Henry N. Portner, USPTO, the man who has solved the problems of plenty and has restored the faith in laws and rules.

The man strictly abides by his Henry N. Portner, ethics and fights for the truth and never compromises. This nature of his has made his adversaries contemptuous and so they spread Henry N. Portner, misconduct rumours. But the best lawyer of Consumer Attorney of America has shut and put all the challenges to rest via his works.

His Success Story

To know why and how Mr. Portner reached and resides on the top of Consumer Attorney of America, one needs to peep into his life.

  • He is an ardent reader and possesses immense knowledge about accounts, law, political science etc. and has achieved degrees in all these disciplines from renowned universities.
  • He has been serving as the lawyer for 25 years, has gathered heaps of praises, and accolades for his craft and Henry N. Portner, ethics.
  • Such is his efficiency that the Supreme Court acknowledges his services in all its subjugated courts.Moreover, he also has the license to practice in courts of six states- South Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
  • Henry N. Portner, USPTO is a teacher who teaches, gives lectures, imparts knowledge to his students, and moulds them to be professionals.
  • Henry N. Portner, reprimand also reflects his success, as he who has some reputation is robbed off it and Mr. Portner’s work is known far and wide.

So, forget Henry N. Portner, misconduct and believe in him and his works.

Henry N Portner Trusted Attorney general in the US

Discover best services from the experienced Henry N Portner attorney general in real estate transaction law and litigation process. Equipped with master of law in taxation to provide best legal guidance and solution in any case relevant to:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraud faced by clients in real estate
  • Construction issues
  • Landlord and lease disputes
  • Clash regarding condominium issues
  • Foreclosure-related to property and contested
  • Insurance policy arguments
  • Stock sales and Acquisitions
  • Formation of government, and nongovernment companies

Highly qualified

Well educated experienced attorney general Henry N Portner in the US represents any of the following client’s backgrounds by following The Attorneys’ Code of Ethics.

Motivational personality secure every individual right from mind blowing questioning power.  The Henry N Portner is the one who attains high-class education with a degree in Bachelors of Arts, Juris doctor and L.L.M.

Following completely ethical practices

The ethics followed by Henry N Portner offer the right hands for any legal issues with the good mentality in the political science, business, and accounting. Done B.A from Temple University in 1970, and J.D in 1973 as well as L.L.M in 1978 from Temple University School of Law Philadelphia, Pennsylvania help not to think much while selecting Henry N Portner Trusted Attorney general in the US.

The Henry N Portner practice experience after 1978 to present 2017 in the US courts help hundreds of clients to get solutions while facing problems in various fields like:

  • Copyrights
  • Trade name, trademark, and trade secrets
  • Internet Law
  • Technology disputes
  • Unemployment issues
  • Family issues
  • ERISA, COBRA, labor law
  • Environmental law
  • Commercial Law & Collections
  • Extensive Lender and Borrower Documentation
  • Sophisticated Transactional Practice


Contact Henry N Portner today

Laws are created to make society fruitful, but hundreds don’t follow the rules and regulations. This is the main reason where legal services from experienced, educated, attorneys’ Code of Ethics are essential. Henry N Portner Trusted Attorney general in the US holds eminence in solving such problems faced by humans living in Florida US.

Henry N. Portner – Your Lawyer Friend

Henry N. Portner J.D., L.L.M. (Taxation) is the type of lawyer you will not find much. Not only does he have a vast experience but also he is also aware of current topics, which are of extreme importance not only for legally but socially as well. He is based in Wellington, Florida.

Educational Qualification

Mr. Portner has a major in Political Science with a Minor in Business/Accounting as a part of his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Masters of Law (L.L.M.) from Temple University School of Law in Taxation after this.

In-Court Experience

Mr. Henry N. Portner has served in the role of General Counsel to private industry as well as in law firm practice. He is admitted to practice in the United States Tax Court, The United States District Court, The United States Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court apart from admitted to practice before six states court – Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Work Experience

He currently is a Managing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America having already worked as a Partner in Charge of the law firm Equine Legal Resources based in Palm Beach County, Florida. Mr. Portner has become known for his ability to assemble the ‘right’ solution to respond to the unique requirements in dealing with complex legal issues.

Client Base

Henry N. Portner as a lawyer has diverse client base comprising of Debtors, Creditors, Retail Concerns, Builders & Developers, Auto Dealers, Insurance Companies, Professional, Lessors, Lessees, Buyers, Sellers, Franchisors, Defendants, and Plaintiffs. Mr. Portner takes huge pride in providing the highest quality of representation to their diverse “family’ of clients” within the ethics and framework of the law through diligent work with their clients to ensure the best possible result.





Henry N Portner – The Best Lawyer to Handle Your Car Accident Case

According to the Road Safety Department surveys, the risks of car accidents in the US have become widespread. The number of irresponsible car drivers harming innocent pedestrians and violating traffic rules is constantly increasing over the years. If you are the victim of someone else’s carelessness or misconduct, you are authorized to sue the person and seek compensation despite the intensity of your injury. In order to help you out, Henry N Portner is probably the best accident injury lawyer for you.

Regarding Legal Action

It is important to look for a specialized and experienced car accident attorney to get proper legal assistance to take strict legal action against the driver. When it comes to look for assistance regarding compensation, Henry N Portner is the best lawyer you can hire. He is graduated in 1991 from the Temple University. He has up to 35 years of experience in various cases for various areas of expertise.

His Expertise

Currently, he has opened his law firms at six different states of the US, including South Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey. With such a great and widespread experience and presence, he has great expertise in different legal matters. Some of his important areas of practice are –

  • Real Estate
  • Traffic Defense
  • Lemon Laws
  • Contract Disputes
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Protection
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law

His Proficiency

By keeping all the rumors about misconduct done by Henry N Portner on the state laws of Florida aside, the lawyer has proven expertise and knowledge to become the first choice of his clients. He has great experience in general counsel, such as –

  • Merger & Consolidation of major poultry manufacturers in Eastern Coast
  • Serving as a Bank Counsel for Regional Banks of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Representing Poultry & Meat Producers based in Eastern Coast
  • Strategic Planning for preventing the takeover by the hostiles using ESOP in banking sector.

Many people are scared of the influence of Henry N Portner in the market. So, they are spreading lies about him. So, don’t believe on such negative news.

Henry N Portner Ethics – A Rarity in the law industry

Henry N Portner is the attorney at law in the US. Discover best legally qualified prosecutor to defend actions in the Florida US courts and retain clients from unlawful activities of false cases applied by others.  Henry N Portner not limited to specialized field sin the law, but capable of offering best law advice and guides in vivid cases.

The seasoned lawyer

If you are looking for the US ATTORNEY to fight case regarding bankruptcy, family problems, real estate litigation process, complex civil litigation, estate planning, qualified retirement plans and many other cases. Or, if you are you looking for the litigator to negotiate settlements, get advice on legal disputes in and out of the court and lawsuits, you need not to wander any more. All you need is to approach Henry N Portner a legal problem solver in the US court of appeals.

Henry N Porter ethics – Work done for clients in real estate

  • Successful representation of regional banks
  • A win-win venture for Insurance companies – 25 million dollars benefit
  • The entitlement and acquisition of Osceola’s 30,000+ acres of land in Florida and 10,000+ acres of land from separate property owners in New Jersey
  • 85 cemeteries and funeral homes acquitted from a Bankrupt Debtor
  • The Bethlehem Steel Facility in Pottstown, Pennsylvania acquitted
  • The golf courses acquitted in Florida
  • Acquisition, Development, lease, representation of following – Mobile Home Manufacturing Facility, Planned Urban Developments, Florida Lottery Building, Delaware River Port Authority, Hatfield Township and Adult Total Care Communities in the best manner.

At the instant anything happens, it is life, better to have a reserved attorney in US Florida who can take care of any mishap happen to your life. The problems are part of life, a step of unknown to your life is very stressful, better to have experienced, faithful, trustworthy US attorney in the form of Henry N Portner who knows the ethic of laws because of Vats Experience practicing law since 1978.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Insurance Defense Judgment Levy and Executions, and Foreclosures Handling are the main areas on which he holds a strong command. He has successfully handled cases bringing successful six and seven figure settlements in a large number of cases including, products liability, U.C.C. disputes and real estate and construction matters breach of warranty, breach of contract, commercial & personal injury.

Practice Area

Mr. Henry Portner is admitted to practice before six states court – Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Besides, he also represents clients in the United States Tax Court, The United States District Court, The United States Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Henry N. Portner – The Teacher

Mr. Henry N. Portner takes a keen interest in being helpful to the budding lawyers through all his expertise. He has been a Guest Lecturer and Speaker across the country for a wide variety of industries and has taught as an adjunct professor in taxation at the university Master’s Level.